Broadcom BCM957711A1113G 10GB 10G Optical Network Card KJYD8 BCM957711 | Pakistan

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Broadcom BCM957711A1113G

  • Data Transfer Rate:10 Gigabit per second (10G) data transfer rate.
  • Form Factor:Compact design for compatibility with various server configurations.
  • Connectivity:Optical connectivity for efficient data transmission.
  • Interface:Supports standard interfaces for easy integration.
  • Interface:Supports standard interfaces for easy integration.
  • Reliability Features:Includes features to enhance reliability and data integrity.
  • Scalability:Designed to scale with growing network demands.
  • Compatibility:Compatible with industry-standard networking protocols.

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The Broadcom BCM957711A1113G is a high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet network card designed for use in various networking environments. It features advanced optical networking capabilities to ensure reliable and fast data transfer.

Key Features:

  1. Data Transfer Rate:Provides a 10 Gigabit per second (10G) data transfer rate, ensuring high-speed connectivity for demanding network applications.
  2. Optical Connectivity:Utilizes optical technology for efficient and reliable data transmission over long distances.
  3. Form Factor:Designed in a compact form factor for compatibility with different server architectures and configurations.
  4. Interface:Supports standard interfaces for easy integration into a variety of network setups.
  5. Compatibility:Compatible with industry-standard networking protocols and can be used in a range of environments.
  6. Reliability:Incorporates features for enhanced reliability and data integrity, critical for mission-critical applications.
  7. Scalability:Designed to scale with the growing demands of network traffic and data transfer requirements.
  8. Advanced Networking Features:Includes advanced networking features such as jumbo frames, VLAN support, and other capabilities to optimize network performance. (Broadcom BCM957711A1113G)
  9. Management and Monitoring:Offers management and monitoring capabilities for better control and visibility into network operations.
  10. Energy Efficiency:Incorporates energy-efficient technologies to minimize power consumption and environmental impact.

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  1. Ahmad

    Product worked perfectly and arrived the next day, as requested, the quality is excellent. No issues, lan crad condition was ok.

  2. Muhammad Faizan

    lan card Price was great. Product arrived on time and came with the test report, as requested.