ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router AC3100 In Pakistan (Box Pack)

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ASUS ART-AC88U Gaming Router

  • Wireless Standards: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Wireless Speed: AC3100 (2167Mbps on 5GHz, 1000Mbps on 2.4GHz)
  • Wireless Bands: Dual Band (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • MU-MIMO Technology: 4×4
  • Processor: 1.4GHz dual-core processor
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • USB Ports: 1 x USB 2.0 & 1 x USB 3.0
  • Antennas:4 external antennas

Original price was: 45,000 ₨.Current price is: 35,000 ₨.


The ASUS AC3100 Gaming Router is a sleek and powerful device that combines advanced technology with a gamer-centric design. Its black and red aesthetics make it distinctive, making it stand out among other routers.

Key Features:

    1. Wireless AC3100 Technology: The router supports the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, providing dual-band speeds of up to 3100Mbps (2167Mbps on the 5GHz band and 1000Mbps on the 2.4GHz band).
    2. 4×4 MU-MIMO Technology: Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology enables the router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, delivering faster and more efficient data transfers.
    3. NitroQAM Technology: NitroQAM (1024-QAM) technology boosts the data transmission rate, improving overall Wi-Fi speeds for compatible devices.
    4. Powerful Hardware: The router has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM, ensuring smooth and responsive performance.
    5. 8 Gigabit LAN Ports: With eight Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, the router provides high-speed wired connections for gaming consoles, PCs, and other devices.
    6. WTFast Game Accelerator: ASUS has integrated the WTFast Game Accelerator into the router, reducing lag and optimizing network connections for a better gaming experience.
    7. AiProtection with Trend Micro: The router features AiProtection, a robust security suite powered by Trend Micro. It helps protect against online threats and ensures a secure network environment.
    8. ASUS AiMesh Support: AiMesh allows users to create a mesh Wi-Fi network by connecting multiple ASUS routers, providing seamless coverage and strong signal strength throughout the home.
    9. Adaptive QoS: Quality of Service (QoS) settings allow users to prioritize gaming, streaming, and other applications for a lag-free experience.
    10. ASUS Router App: The router can be easily managed and monitored through the ASUS Router App, offering convenient control over network settings from a mobile device.

Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts in Pakistan! The Asus RT-AC88U, acclaimed as the best gaming router in the country, is now available at Tech Store. Renowned for its superior performance, the Asus RT-AC88U ensures a seamless gaming experience, making it the ultimate choice for competitive gamers.

Not only does the Asus RT-AC88U excel as a gaming router, but it also offers the capability to stream 4K videos and enjoy live streaming without any buffering or lag. Its high-speed connectivity and advanced features make it a top choice for gamers and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

Experience the thrill of gaming like never before with the Asus RT-AC88U, now within reach at Tech Store. Elevate your gaming and entertainment experience to new heights with this exceptional gaming router.”

Reviews (9)


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  1. Farhan Ahmad

    Great signal strength even at long distances. Five bars all over my house and property and beyond. Great user interface and easy to program.

  2. Danish Iqbal

    No problems with WIFI now. Even though I am limited in where I could place this router, it seems to give us excellent coverage and speed. Fast delivery recommended seller

  3. Anees Akhtar

    This router is one of the best routers that I have ever used. I came from an Asus RT-N56U router which worked great for a number of years in my apartment and then into my house. when I moved into the house, the coverage did not cover my entire house so I bought a second one for the other side which helped. After a while of inconsistent speeds I decided to switch routers. I decided to go with this router, the RT-AC88U.

  4. Tahir

    I ordered an ASUS ART-AC88U Gaming Router from the tech store. The best router for gaming and normal use. Not any type of disturbance. I recommended it to everyone.

  5. Majid

    If you are looking for a gaming router without any issue ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router AC3100 is the best router. I am also using it and I recommended the tech store to everyone.

  6. Owais

    ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router AC3100 is the best gaming router. I ordered it from the tech store. I recommended it to everyone.

  7. Tanveer

    ASUS ART-AC88U Gaming Router maximizes your gaming experience check it out on the tech store.

  8. Laraib

    Found the ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router AC3100 on the tech store website. It’s the best gaming router. I recommend you to visit the tech store for these types of products.

  9. Hamid Khan

    The tech store is authentic for purchasing good networking products. I ordered the ASUS RT-AC88U Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router from the tech store and it has been a good experience. I recommend it to everyone.