Ubiquiti Rocket M2 | Ubiquiti AirMAX RocketM2 GHz BaseStation (Branded Used)

Ubiquiti AirMAX RocketM2

  • Model: Ubiquiti Rocket M2
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Throughput: Up to 150 Mbps
  • Antenna Type: Dual-Polarity Antenna
  • Antenna Gain: 11 dBi
  • Ethernet Ports: 1x 10/100 Mbps
  • Enclosure: Outdoor Weatherproof
  • Mounting: Pole Mounting, Wall Mounting

Original price was: 25,000 ₨.Current price is: 14,000 ₨.


The Ubiquiti Rocket M2 is a powerful and versatile wireless access point designed for outdoor use. Here are its key features and description:

Key Features:

  1. High Performance: The Ubiquiti AirMAX RocketM2 delivers high-speed wireless connectivity with a maximum throughput of up to 150 Mbps.
  2. Long-Range Coverage: It offers long-range coverage, making it suitable for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications over large areas.
  3. Dual-Polarity Antenna: Equipped with a dual-polarity antenna, the Rocket M2 ensures reliable and stable wireless connections even in challenging environments.
  4. Robust Design: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, the Rocket M2 features a weatherproof enclosure, making it ideal for outdoor installations.
  5. Versatile Mounting Options: It supports various mounting options, including pole mounting and wall mounting, for flexible deployment scenarios.
  6. Advanced Software Features: The Rocket M2 comes with advanced software features such as airMAX technology for optimized performance and airView for spectrum analysis.
  7. Easy Configuration: It can be easily configured and managed through Ubiquiti’s intuitive and user-friendly management interface.
  8. Secure Connections: The Rocket M2 supports WPA/WPA2 security protocols to ensure secure wireless connections.

Overall, the Ubiquiti Rocket M2 is a reliable and high-performance outdoor wireless access point suitable for a wide range of applications requiring long-range connectivity.

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