OM4 Fiber Optic Cable 40GB/100GB Aqua Multimode LC/LC Duplex 50/125 OM4

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OM4 Fiber Optic Cable 40GB/100GB

  • Type: Multimode fiber optic cable
  • Fiber Type: OM4 (Optical Multimode 4)
  • Connector Type: LC/LC Duplex
  • Color: Aqua
  • Core Size: 50/125 microns
  • Jacket Material: PVC or LSZH
  • Applications: High-speed data center connections, backbone network installations, high-bandwidth applications
  • Compatibility: 40GBASE-SR4, 100GBASE-SR10, and other high-speed networking standards

Original price was: 11,500 ₨.Current price is: 6,000 ₨.


The OM4 Fiber Optic Cable 40GB/100GB Aqua Multimode LC/LC Duplex 50/125 OM4 is a high-performance cable designed for demanding networking environments. Here are its key features.

Key Features:

  1. High Bandwidth: OM4 fiber supports high bandwidth, making it suitable for demanding network applications.
  2. Low Loss: The cable minimizes signal loss over long distances, ensuring reliable data transmission.
  3. Duplex Configuration: LC/LC Duplex connectors provide a secure and efficient connection between devices.
  4. Aqua Jacket: The distinctive aqua color of the jacket helps identify OM4 cables in dense networking environments.
  5. Flexible Installation: Available in various lengths, allowing flexibility in network design and installation.
  6. Durable Construction: PVC or LSZH jacket options ensure durability and protection against environmental factors.
  7. Industry Standards: Complies with industry standards for multimode fiber optic cables, ensuring compatibility and performance.

Overall, the Fiber Optic Cable OM4 40GB/100GB Aqua Multimode LC/LC Duplex 50/125 OM4 is a reliable and high-performance solution for high-speed data transmission in modern networking infrastructures. OM4 Fiber Optic Cable available at Tech Store

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