MikroTik router board RB493 (Branded Used) Tech Store Pakistan

MikroTik router board RB493

  • Processor: MIPS-based processor (specific details may vary)
  • Ethernet Ports: Typically 5 Ethernet ports
  • MiniPCI Slots: Multiple MiniPCI slots for wireless card expansion
  • USB Port: 1 USB port (specific version may vary)
  • RAM: Built-in RAM for operating system and configurations
  • Storage: Internal storage for RouterOS
  • Operating System: RouterOS (MikroTik’s routing software)
  • Configuration: Web-based interface or command-line interface (CLI)
  • Versatility: Suitable for routing, switching, and wireless networking
  • Form Factor: Compact design


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The MikroTik RouterBOARD RB493 is part of the RouterBOARD series, known for its customizable and feature-rich routers. The RB493 is designed for small to medium-sized networks and can serve as a core router, wireless access point controller, or other network functions.

Key Features:

    1. Processor: The RB493 typically features a MIPS-based processor with multiple cores to handle routing tasks efficiently.
    2. Ethernet Ports: It includes multiple Ethernet ports (commonly five) for wired connectivity, suitable for connecting various devices.
    3. MiniPCI Slots: The RB493 often comes with multiple MiniPCI slots, allowing you to add wireless cards for creating wireless networks.
    4. USB Port: Some models may include a USB port for additional connectivity options, such as attaching external storage.
    5. RAM and Storage: The router has RAM and storage for the operating system and configurations.
    6. RouterOS: The RB493 runs the RouterOS operating system, a powerful and customizable routing software developed by MikroTik.
    7. Configuration and Monitoring: Can be configured and monitored through a web-based interface or the command-line interface (CLI).
    8. Versatility: Suitable for various networking applications, including routing, switching, and wireless networking.
    9. Compact Form Factor: The router board is designed with a compact form factor, making it suitable for installation in constrained spaces.
    10. Customizability: RouterBOARD devices are known for their high level of customizability, allowing network administrators to tailor the configuration to specific requirements.

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