Fortinet Firewall | Fortigate 200A Firewall In Pakistan (Branded Used)

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Fortinet Firewall | Fortigate 200A Firewall

  • Model: Fortinet FortiGate 200A Firewall
  • Firewall Throughput: Up to 1 Gbps
  • IPS Throughput: Up to 200 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput: Up to 75 Mbps
  • Interfaces: 4 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, 2 x USB ports
  • Firewall Policies: Up to 5,000
  • Concurrent Sessions: Up to 150,000
  • Management: Fortinet FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer

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The Fortinet FortiGate 200A Firewall is a robust and feature-rich security appliance suitable for various network security needs in Pakistan. The FortiGate 200A Firewall along with its key features:

Key Features:

    1. High Performance: The FortiGate 200A offers high throughput and low latency, ensuring efficient network operation even under heavy traffic loads.
    2. Advanced Security Services: It provides a wide range of security services such as firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus, web filtering, and application control, all integrated into a single platform.
    3. Unified Threat Management (UTM): The firewall offers UTM capabilities, combining multiple security functions to simplify security management and reduce complexity.
    4. Secure Connectivity: It supports secure VPN connections, including IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, and client-to-site VPN, ensuring secure communication for remote users and branch offices.
    5. Centralized Management: The FortiGate 200A can be centrally managed through Fortinet’s FortiManager platform, providing centralized visibility, control, and reporting across distributed networks.
    6. Scalability: It is scalable to accommodate growing network demands, making it suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations.
    7. High Availability: The firewall supports high availability (HA) configurations for redundancy and failover protection, ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity.
    8. Integrated Security Fabric: It is part of Fortinet’s Security Fabric ecosystem, allowing seamless integration with other Fortinet security products for enhanced threat detection and response.

Overall, the FortiGate 200A Firewall is a reliable and versatile security solution that addresses the evolving cybersecurity challenges faced by organizations in Pakistan, providing comprehensive protection against various cyber threats.

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  1. Hamza Khan

    best firewall for security. i buy online at techstore. product condition was 9/10 and working is 100%. Fast delivery.

  2. Muneeb jutt

    Awesome customer service, fast-friendly service and great communication from initial to order.

  3. Abdul Rehman

    I wanted to buy a firewall so I contacted tech store staff and they guided me very well. The quality and condition of the product were very good.

  4. M Hadi

    Recently, I received Fortinet Firewall | Fortigate 200A Firewall from the tech store. The condition of the product was excellent and good customer service. I recommended the tech store to everyone.

  5. Uzair

    best firewall Fortinet Firewall | Fortigate 200A at the tech store. I recommended it to everyone.