Fiber Termination box IP54 FTB 24 (Branded used)

Fiber Termination box IP54 FTB

  • Product Name: Fiber Termination Box IP54 FTB 24
  • IP Rating: IP54 (Ingress Protection Rating)
  • Termination Capacity: Up to 24 fiber optic connections
  • Material: Durable and weather-resistant construction
  • Mounting: Wall or pole mounting suitable for outdoor use
  • Locking Mechanism: Secure locking system
  • Cable Entry/Exit: Multiple points with grommets or sealing
  • Compatibility: Supports various fiber optic connector types
  • Splice Trays: Includes splice trays or organizers
  • Sealing: Effective sealing against dust and moisture

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The “fiber termination box IP54 FTB 24” appears to be a fiber optic termination box designed for outdoor or harsh environmental conditions. Here are some key details you might expect from such a product:

Product Name: Fiber Termination Box IP54 FTB 24

Key Features 

    1. IP54 Rating: The IP54 rating indicates that the enclosure is designed to provide protection against dust and splashes of water. This makes it suitable for outdoor installations and environments with exposure to the elements.
    2. Termination Capacity: The “24” in the product name likely refers to its termination capacity, suggesting that it can accommodate up to 24 fiber optic connections. This makes it suitable for medium to large-scale fiber installations.
    3. Material: Typically, fiber termination boxes designed for outdoor use are constructed from rugged and weather-resistant materials such as UV-resistant plastic or metal.
    4. Cable Entry/Exit: The box should have secure cable entry and exit points to protect the fiber optic cables from environmental factors and ensure a proper seal.
    5. Locking Mechanism: Outdoor termination boxes often come with a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.
    6. Mounting: It may be designed for wall mounting or pole mounting, depending on the specific application.
    7. Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with various fiber optic connector types (e.g., SC, LC, ST) and fusion splicing methods.
    8. Splice Trays: Inside the termination box, you may find splice trays or organizers to manage and protect the fiber splices.
    9. Sealing: Effective sealing mechanisms to maintain the IP54 rating and protect the fiber connections from dust and moisture.
    10. Ventilation: Some outdoor enclosures may include ventilation or cooling features to regulate temperature and humidity inside the box.
    11. Grounding: Grounding provisions to protect against electrical surges and ensure safety.
    12. Dimensions: Specific dimensions and form factor of the termination box may vary based on the manufacturer and intended application.

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